Eyebrow Reconstruction

Eyebrows can be missing or thinning for a number of different reasons, mostly from over plucking, alopecia, scars caused through facial injury/burning, or age. At the Barbush Hair Clinic, we offer the revolutionary FUE hair transplant procedure, for eyebrows. We can help to build on a thinning eyebrow, and even create a natural looking, realistic eyebrow for those with no hair at all.

Eyebrow Restoration: The Process

With single hair grafts, prepared under the microscope, we can create eyebrow density according to your preference. Donor hair is extracted from the back of the scalp, using the FUE technique.

This is a very delicate procedure requiring the perfect skill to place the hairs. These are small cuts that are directed in the right direction and positioned to achieve natural growth. No scalps are required and no stitches are created during the procedure. The procedure is 100% micro surgical. Patients gain their naturally growing eyebrows without side effects.

Eyebrow Restoration: The Results

You will be able to see the direction of each follicle. Our doctors follow the process in order to achieve perfect aesthetic result. Transplanted follicles are permanent. It is necessary to trim them once a month. This kind of services you can surely find in almost every hair salon.

Preliminary cost of transplantation varies between 1,500 € – 2,500 €. If you would like more information on the procedure, or an exact cost of the procedure for yourself, please book in for a no obligation consultation.