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Barbush Hair Clinic

When investing in a hair transplant, which is for life time, each of us wants to be sure that we have made the right decision and put ourselves in the hands of the best experts. Our clinic is among the world leaders in the field of FUE hair transplantation. We know that every single follicle has an irreplaceable value. Our experienced surgeons work with the most modern and advanced technologies, on the basis of which we can provide clients with the highest possible degree of thickening with the most natural effect. We will help you regain the confidence, comfort and happiness you deserve.

The Highest Quality and The Best Price On The Market

Our main goal and standard is to provide clients with the highest quality and the most affordable price on the market within Europe. The final price with us includes an initial consultation, medical recommendations before the procedure, air transportation to our clinic in Turkey with our personal delegate, accommodation in a 4-star hotel near the clinic (breakfast and dinner included), the hair transplant itself, a 2-days post op after care and expert control, return transport to Bratislava, and post procedure supervision. Our experts will be in contact with you during standard business hours, 7 days a week, to ensure your satisfaction.

High Medical Standards & Technology

Achieving the best possible result during the hair transplantation is a matter of experience. It is also a piece of art and talent. Our surgeons have received many awards in the field of hair transplantation and are among the top specialists in the region. We perform hair transplantation using technology (FUE). It is the most modern and successful form of follicular transfer. Thanks to this non-invasive procedure, which is painless during transplantation, we can achieve remarkable results and achieve exceptional and natural results for the patient.

Experience and Guarantee

There are many clinics providing hair transplant services, but not every clinic can provide services at the same quality level and achieve results as we do. Turkey is the mecca of hair transplantation and this procedure is one of the most common in Turkey. BHC’s vision was to associate with the top specialists in the field of hair transplantation and provide this service at the highest quality. That’s why we decided to choose from the best and created a collaboration with one of the most renowned clinics in Turkey. After years of cooperation, we can see that we made the best decision. The results and satisfaction of our clients are our calling card, which we proudly stand behind.

Meet our team

Gokmen G. Simsek

Artistry in hair restoration only comes with experience, and no one has more experience in natural hairline than Mr. Gokmen. Achieving the best natural results and client satisfaction are his highest and daily priority. He was at the birth of Barbush Hair Clinic and he is ready to offer his several years of experience to all clients of Barbush Hair Clinic.

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Martin Barbus (Consultant)

CEO & Founder of private Barbush Hair Clinic. He regularly attends hair transplanting conferences. Martin will provide to each client free charge expert consultation, which will be delegated to the surgeon.

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