Martin Barbus

CEO und Gründer Barbush Hair Clinic

August 2014 – present

CEO & Founder of private Barbush Hair Clinic. After many years of work abroad, in the field of Fitness, Health & Beauty, recent years Martin regularly participated on hair transplantation conferences, where he continue to work with the world’s leading surgeons which are working with the most modern and advanced technologies to meet world`s highest medical standards. Martin is eager to provide professional consultation, which will be delegated to a surgeon. He is very proud of the exceptionally successful results of surgeons who are prepared to work and achieve remarkable natural results to all clients. One of his goals is to change attitudes about hair transplants. There’s no shame in hair loss and there’s no shame in wanting to look and feel your best.

Gokmen G. Simsek

Artistry in hair restoration only comes with experience, and no one has more experience in natural hairline than Mr. Gokmen. Achieving the best natural results and client satisfaction are his highest and daily priority. He was at the birth of Barbush Hair Clinic and he is ready to offer his several years of experience to all clients of Barbush Hair Clinic. Mr. Gokmen collaborates with the world-class surgeons and continuously adopts state-of-the-art technologies and world news in the field of follicular hair transplant. His results are unique and we are extremely proud to have the world leader in this field as a part of our team!