Dr. MUDr. Ingrid Lajčiaková Čoudková

Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague (Czech Republic)

1989 – 1995

Medicine has fascinated Ingrid since her childhood and eventually becomes her hobby for life. She dedicated her life to medicine since 1995, after graduating from the Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Prague.

Faculty Hospital, České Budějovice (Czech Republic)

1995 – 2000

During her tenure at the Faculty Hospital in České Budějovice Ingrid gained experience also in dermatology. She graduated from general medical practice in 2001.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (FRU – Fire & Rescue Union)

2002 – 2006

During this period Ingrid became the principal physician of the Slovak Ministry of the foreign Affairs (FRU – Fire and Rescue Union). During the given period, she gained extensive experience in the field of dermatology, as she regularly confronts and treats skin cases in the face of injuries of FRU staff.

Private Ambulance (Barbush Hair Clinic)

2006 – 2017

After more than ten years of experience, Ingrid  constantly advancing and opening her own private ambulance. Her goal is to make use of all the experience in the past career. In 2017 she was at the birth of the Barbush Hair Clinic. There are thousands of examinations she had done in previous years, and there is no doubt that MUDr. Lajčiaková Čoudková is a specialist in her field, ready to provide patients at highest level and quality service.